Injen Total Football USA


Injen Total Football USA vs Newport FC!

Who will walk away with the win! Team Injen has a lot riding on this game! Kick-off is at 8:00 pm Turf field A
Published Apr 29, 2019

kick-off is at 6:00pm at the Lake Forest Soccer Complex field B.  Will Injen prevail in game #12 to remain undefeated and in the #1 spot?

In any event, team Injen will be on the field ready to play the second the whistle is blown! This time, the pressure is on Team Injen to be able walk-off the pitch, waving their hands in Glory!  

Coaches and manager will be on the sidelines watching on pins and needles hoping to see Injen walk away with Zero points!                      Will team Injen remain at the Top? Stay-tuned!