Injen Total Football USA


Injen Total Football USA crowned CHAMPIONS !!!

UPSL SoCal South Division
Published May 6, 2019

 I would like to give a quick shout out to all the team Injen players that came prepared to play. What a stunning performance!

Erick Ibarra, our squad leader played a heroic game with an injured ankle and was able to contain and control the midfield while attacking and feeding our forwards.  The pain was more than he can bear and had to leave the field in the first 10 minutes of the second half. 

Alex Trujillo, our “Marksman” and leading scorer for team Injen was close to scoring on numerous attempts but could not finish in the final third. Trujillo had to leave the pitch in the second half because of an injured hamstring. 

Marco Rodriguez, had a stellar performance scoring the first goal of the game! What a GOLAZOOO! from 30 yards out, placing it in the top corner net!

Steven Alcazar, played a hard-fought battle till the last minutes with an injured Achilles tendon but refused to walk of the field without a fight! Steven doesn’t say much off the field but once he puts his game face on, everyone knows he means business.

Fernando Ayala, our captain and last man standing in the back, was hit, punched, kicked and elbowed but never gave up and continued to put on a great show for those that had the privilege to watch him play.

Fernando Diego, held his own in the mid-field, making it difficult for Newport FC strikers to attack on the right side of the field. Diego was relentless, he pressured and recovered the ball to set up an attack every chance he had, great performance!

Alex Gonzalez, a man Newport will be thinking of for days! he cut left and right and sprinted like a gazelle to fend off defenders, Alex always puts his stamp on the game!

Issac Zuniga, a superb defender held his line on the pitch and didn’t allow any Newport striker get by on his watch! Great performance Zuniga! 

Osvaldo Segura, the man we call “Iceman”, has made three appearances in the UPSL and has 5 goals to his credit . Ossie was able to capitalize on a mistake made by a Newport defender, scoring the second goal of the game, putting team Injen in a 2-0 lead in the first half.

Max Prato, one of our youngest players came into the game to fill in for Erick Ibarra, and what a display of action! Max was able to win every ball in the middle creating opportunities by attacking down the middle and at the flank, sending every ball into the penalty area but as luck would have it, we could not get it into the net!

Adrian Gonzales, another young 2001 player was able to cover the #4 position and showed amazing strength, stopping the Newport strikers on numerous attempts. Nothing surprising from Adrian as we can always count on a superb performance. 

Adrian Mota, a veteran defender with team Injen, has shown what a mighty defender is made of, “Heart, Courage and Determination” Adrian rolled up his sleeves and gave it his all, till the last minute of the game!

Ulysses Garcia, was electric when he finally got the opportunity to set foot on the pitch! He was unstopped and never should signs of slowing down. As a midfielder, he attacked vigorously up the side line and gave Newport a run for their money. 

Bobby Yanez, our Keeper was able to stop relentless attacks and shots to goal by Newport FC, he displayed a stellar performance to be proud of for many games to come!

Alex Cortez is a newcomer to team Injen, Cortez made his first appearance with ITF against Newport FC.  Alex showed he had speed, agility and was lethal with the ball at any distance! 

Alfonso Gonzalez the savior of the game, was pacing up and down, waiting impatiently for the opportunity to step foot on the pitch. Alfonso persistence paid off! he came onto the field in the second half, in a 1 on 1 with a defender he was able to get a shot off into the top, right corner, scoring an amazing goal! That incredible shot was good enough to tie up the game in the last 2 minutes, giving us the right to be crowned 2019 UPSL “Champions” of SoCal South Division!!!

Our Head coach Alberto alcazar, thank you for the great work and support to team Injen, you have done an amazing job getting the players to come together and work as a team!

Those that could not make it to the game because of prior engagements or injuries 

Mateo Bonilla, a young 2001 defender with great technique and speed has started in the #3 position since day one. Mateo will be returning for the last match of the season.

Oluwafunminiyi Akanwo, another young forward with speed and           agility was not able to play because of a sprained ankle but will return for the last match.            

Pedro Munoz,  a young outstanding keeper with size and strength will return for the last match of the season.                                        

Lucas Delgado a young 2000 midfield player had an earlier injury but will be back in the fall to make his debut in the Pro Premier division.

                                                              Kudos to all of team Injen! 

                                                     Thank you for an outstanding season!

                       Hope to see everyone in the fall playing in the Pro Premier Division