Injen Total Football USA



First season in the UPSL and undefeated! Stay-tuned as team Injen prepares for Division 1
Published Jun 17, 2019

Exciting times for Injen Total Football USA! The UPSL has now combined all teams in Southern California to form Division 1.  Division 1 will consist of 18 teams all pooled together to form a Supergroup of top teams fighting for the number one spot! 

The UPSL will be the first professional soccer league in the United States to have a Promotion/Relegation system like every professional league throughout the world. This will incentivize every club owners across the United States to invest in the best coaching staff, top players and gather all resources available to them in becoming "Top dog". 

If you're looking to be part of a great team and playing in the best league, look no further, the UPSL Division 1 is the place you want to be playing! Call Ron Delgado at (909) 772-4071 and be a part of team Injen dream and journey. Try-outs are going on right now! Every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm, Jurupa Regional Sports Park in Riverside.