Injen Total Football USA


There wasn't enough Fury to put out Injen's Fire in a 1-0 win!

Injen prevails and ends the league as undefeated CHAMPIONS!
Published May 12, 2019

Injen Total Football USA-1             Fury II- 0

Fury resorted to the use of physical force against Injen's young squad when all else seemed to fail!  Their attempts to get under Injen's skin only strengthened our resolve. It was an intense game from the first minute of the game but the young squad made up of 17-19-year-olds was enough to overcome the older and more experienced team. 

It was a grueling match, one of the toughest ones played all season, Fury was ready to play an organized game of Football!! Fury's passing was impeccable and on point, a game well played! My hat goes off to Fury! 

Thanks to Team Injen for showing up to play the final game of the season!


Bobby Yanez  2000     Keeper   #1

Pedro Munoz  2001    Keeper   #99

Issac Zuniga   2000  Defense   #2

Adrian Gonzales  2001 Defense  #13

Fernando Ayala  1999  Defense   #4 Captain 

Mateo Bonilla      2001  Defense   #12

Fernando Diego   2000 Mid-field   #9

Max Prato            2001 Holding mid  #15

Erick Ibarra          1999  Mid-field      #10

Ulysses Garcia    1999  Mid-field      #5

Alfonso Gonzalez  1999 Forward     #16

Osvaldo Segura    2000 Forward      #14

Alex Gonzalez       1996 Forward      #21


Present but injured:

Steven Alcazar   2000   Holding mid   #8

Lucas Delgado    2000  Mid-field        #11