Injen Total Football USA


Funm seals the final goal of the evening!

Injen Total Football is off to a great start!
Published Jul 22, 2019

After coming back from a successful undefeated 2019 Spring season, Injen Total Football is off to a great start for the 2019 Fall season, winning its second scrimmage game. Alex Trujillo was on fire, he fought for every ball and assisted in two of the goals. In the final goal, Trujillo pulled a Houdini stealing the ball from the Disciple defender and sending a cross ball for funminiyi to add his finishing touch!

The Fullerton Disciples is no team to be taken lightly! When the Disciples step foot on the pitch they mean business.  Team Injen was off to a slow start trying to overcome the high-pressuring from Disciples, they were fast, aggressive and pressured in numbers.  A word of advice to all its opponents, be prepared for one hell of a Battle!

Good Luck to the Fullerton Disciples, we wish you all the best in the upcoming season. As for Injen Total Football, Vamos Injen, Carajo!!!