Injen Total Football USA


Injen Total Football settles for a 1-1 tie

Team Injen played their hearts out with only 3 subs the entire night!
Published Sep 16, 2019

Injen Total Football played one hell of a game this weekend, or should I say, a game of rugby!  This game was beyond your typical definition of physical when discussing football.  There was a strange string of events that led to numerous unnecessary injuries and the game ending in a tie while Injen Total Football had held a commanding lead.  Four (4) minutes were added to the 1st half and an overwhelming seven (7) minutes were added to the second half making the 2nd half a grueling 52 minutes long!

At one point in the first half, the live streaming ended abruptly after the videographer for Lionside was told to stop filming and that’s when things went wild.  As soon as the live streaming stopped, the gloves came off and the players started playing far outside of the rules. One by one, Injen players were getting carried off the field with concussions, bruised ribs, and back injuries.

Team Injen stayed strong and held the lead until the last 4 minutes of that 52nd minute of the second half.  At one point, Fernando Diego was hit in the back and laid injured on the field, face-down.  Injen Total Football notified the referee of the injury as we held possession of the ball, but to no avail, the game continued instead of being stopped to help the injured player off the field.  As the play continued, a Lionside forward and an Injen defender were forced to leap over the down player, which resulted in Team Injen receiving an unnecessary penalty called against them. 

As the game continued to heat up in the 49th minute of the second half, Lionside fans ran onto the field to help the Lionside players in a brawl that was underway during the penalty; when all of the Lionside fans should have been sitting on the opposite side of the field, or at least that’s what the officials told Injen spectators to go!

To sum up the game in a few words, it was a fight until the end and a tough match for both teams! The game and fans could have been controlled better by the officials, but it was a little too much for the officials to take in that night!